An Introduction…


When I was growing up in small town Lebanon Oregon, there was only one radio station that I remember listening to: 104.7 KDUK. I remember listening to Val Steele and thinking that working in radio would be so cool, but I always thought that it was one of those careers that was too far-fetched to obtain. Fast forward about a decade… Val Steele is now my boss. And she is as cool as I always thought she would be. But something epic happened within that decade: I realized that I could be so cool too. I realized that no career or goal or dream is out of reach if you work hard enough and get in touch with the right people. So that’s what I did.

Now, I don’t want to make it seem like luck wasn’t a part of this equation too, because it definitely was. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and landed an internship at KDUK. From then on is when the real hard work started. I had zero radio experience. The first time I spoke on air, I totally choked. But we don’t need to recap that. After I got more comfortable, I fell in love with radio. I love using my quick wit on air, I love making people laugh, I love the fast paced environment. But I know what you’re thinking right now… “Radio is dying. Pandora, Spotify, those are the big players in music sources now!” You aren’t wrong. BUT (and this is a big but (I like big buts and I cannot lie)) there will ALWAYS be one thing that Pandora and Spotify can’t offer you. And that is live and local talent. It’s a connection to an actual person playing the music and talking to you on your morning commute. This is the biggest reason I love radio.

The posts made on this blog from here on out are going to focus how PR can be used in radio to regain listenership. PR at its core is relationship building between an organization and its publics through strategic communication. That’s what radio is all about! So it only makes sense that I delve into this issue deeper to help myself, and hopefully others, better understand how we can be part of radios comeback.


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