Connecting with your audience on Facebook: it’s not just about “likes”



When companies and organizations are discussing their social media plan it seems like creating a Facebook page is always step 1. And while thats a great first step, it cannot be the only step. You can’t assume that once your page is there, people will just flock to it and “like” the crap out of it. And even if they do, what is the value of a “like”??? With the new way Facebook is organizing its user’s newsfeeds, a “like” doesn’t mean very much. A user has to be actively interacting with the page they’ve “liked” for that pages updates to show up in their feed. So what does that mean for brands? They’ve got to find a way to get their fans engaged (which is something they should have wanted to do before the change in Facebook’s content organization but maybe this is the push they needed!) The good news is that it’s not as hard as you might think to get people engaged. People like to be appreciated and recognized for the fact that they really do matter to your company. Here are the simple ways you can do that on Facebook:

  • Reward them for being a fan. Have contests and do giveaways!
  • Post things that have a call to action to comment or share the post. You’d be surprised how many fans will do something if you just ask them to in the post. 
  • Comment people back. Thank them for their comment, answer a question, just say SOMETHING back to them and they will feel like you really are paying attention to your fans.
  • Don’t delete negative feedback. Try to fix the problem the customer is having. People will think highly of you if they see that you are commenting back on negative posts in a receptive and understanding way and are trying to fix grievances.
  • Be funny!!! People don’t expect businesses and organizations to incorporate humor and its a very welcomed and effective surprise. Check out these unexpectedly funny companies.

Here’s examples of where the above tactics have worked splendidly: 1 2 3

There ya have it! Treat your fans like they matter and they will be receptive of that, and they will appreciate your brand for it. 


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