Haters gon’ hate

A few weeks back, a listener posted a lengthy wall post to the Facebook page of the morning radio show I work on. The message was anything but positive. To make her long story short, she said she had been a long time listener of our show and had been around for many talent changes and the only personality she has ever hated on the show was me. She went on to detail all the reasons she thought I was awful. Now, I can handle constructive criticism, but this woman was straight up insulting me. But I guess if she was trying to be helpful and not insulting then she would have just privately messaged us her opinions instead of posting it on our wall for everyone to see. But she didn’t.

So what is it with this obsession people have of publicly bashing other people on the internet? And more importantly, why do they think their opinion on other people matters? These are the thoughts that run through my mind every time I see posts like that woman’s, which is daily, because we are all bombarded with it. It seems like a lot of these hateful comments are about celebrities, but we have to remember they are humans too. Even Taylor Swift gets her feelings hurt when she reads overly mean comments about herself. Everyone has feelings and no one deserves to read those awful things about themselves, posted by people who, in all honest, do not even know them at all.

But it’s going to happen. It’s just a fact of life. Taylor Swift knew it when she started in music, I knew it when I started in radio. People are going to say mean things, for a variety of reasons, and you can’t do a damn thing about it. The only thing you can control is how you react to it.

When an interviewer asked famous sports reporter Pam Oliver how she deals with the hateful comments about her on the internet and she said “I don’t deal with it. It doesn’t impact my life in any way.” She also stated a quote by Elenor Roosevelt that said “No one can make you feel bad about yourself without your consent.” And both women are completely on the right track.

You will never be able to control what other people say about you and you will never get everyone to like you. If everyone does like you, then you don’t have much of a personality! The key is to being yourself and being happy with yourself. The only thing you can control is your reactions to the mean comments. If you let it get inside your head then it will tear you down. Or, you can choose to just not care. Brush it off and move on.

Or, your third option is to be like me and make a sarcastic comment back at your hater. That’s a pretty fun option.


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