Infographic survival guide

Amanda Burd #3 Infographic

These past few weeks in J452 we have been working on infographics and, if I’m being honest, it’s been less than fun. On the surface, making an infographic doesn’t sound too horrible: You put purposeful information onto a sheet in a visual way that easy for people to follow. But once you get into it, you run into many roadblocks. You have too much information, or not enough. The information you do have doesn’t fit together or tell a story. You can’t find visuals that represent the data. You can’t word the data in a concise way. You’re banging your head on the wall trying to think of how to put it all together. Ya know, problems like that.

But eventually, things will fall together and you will finish it. Once I finished mine it was a huge relief, and I want to help others get to that point when making an infographic, so here are a few of my favorite tips to help you skip all the roadblocks and get to the finish line.

  • Organize information on the infographic in a way that follows a person’s typical eye movement (top left corner is the first place people tend to look)
  • Additionally, make the first thing you want people to see the biggest font/image on the infographic
  • Have a color theme that works. It’ll be very overwhelming to your reader if it looks like a rainbow threw up on your graphic.
  • Make the info relatable. You are likely going to be trying to educate someone or convince someone of something with your infographic, but if they cant relate or connect with it in some way, they wont remember it.
  • Make it convincing. Have a call to action that leaves people persuaded by your message.

To compliment all those tips, you can check a bunch of really awesome infographics and get some inspiration. 


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