Why you don’t want traditional radio to disappear.

I had a meeting with my professor yesterday and we were talking about a presentation that I have coming up. We were talking about radio and the points I wanted to get across, and she kept asking me how I’m going to make people care. What about my presentation is going to make people care about radio. That really got me thinking, why should people care about traditional radio? Let me tell you why.

  • Many radio stations are still live and local. The people talking to you on the airwaves are right there in your community, they know what’s going on, and they care. They support local businesses, organizations, and charities on air.
  • Most other places you can find music don’t have a personality aspect at all. If you’re listening to Pandora on your morning commute, I can guarantee it’s not going to make you crack up laughing to yourself like morning show personalities can on your local station. (This particular aspect is something I strive really hard for. I always want to make those sleepy commuters feel ridiculous for laughing by themselves. Laughter is great any time of the day though!)
  • Even if the station you typically tune into isn’t live or local (unfortunately a lot of radio is syndicated or recorded, a sad fact indeed. It happens because huge companies can afford to buy out small stations) it’s still FREE. It costs you nothing to tune into the radio. If that disappeared, all those free or trial services would have nothing to compete with and could jack up their prices. Think about it.
  • Whether you like it or not, you still find new music on radio. People like to complain that the same music gets played over and over on radio, but radio still makes the hits. They still debut songs and make them popular. You just think that the radio station is playing a certain song a lot because you heard it there first, and then started hearing it EVERYWHERE else after that, so it feels like every time you tune in you hear it.
  • From an advertising standpoint, traditional radio is one of the most targeted and effective mediums you can use. The variety of radio stations offers you a chance to pick and choose what demographics you want to hear your ad.

These are only a few points about why traditional radio matters, and will continue to matter, but they are points that I think are often looked over. Sometimes we take certain media for granted, yet if it ceased to exist, we would definitely notice its absence. The effects of it would be more widespread than you think!


A poster of a benefit concert my station threw for Food For Lane County


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