I currently am preparing to graduate the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in public relations (t-minus 150 days until graduation ceremony at the time of me writing this!). I plan to apply the skills I’ve learned in my public relations studies to a career in radio.

I currently work at two stations: the U of O’s student-run campus station, KWVA, and the number one top 40 station in Eugene, KDUK. These stations are extremely different from each other and it’s helped gain some well-rounded experience in radio.

At KDUK, I get to work on a show called The Morning House Party. I basically get to spend the hours between 6 and 10 a.m trying to help people have a good start to their day. My absolute favorite thing is when a listener calls in and tells me something I said had them laughing out loud alone in their car on their way to work. I’ll do anything for a good laugh. Listener interaction, on and off air, is extremely gratifying to me and I’ve been lucky to have the chance to help plan and participate in countless station events.

At KWVA, I’m the marketing director, as well as a DJ. I get to program and host my own show where I can play any music that I want to. I love alternative rock and pop punk music and getting to share my favorite songs with people is one of the best parts of my week. KWVA is particularly awesome because of how diverse the programming is. There really is a show for everyone. On the marketing side, I get to plan events, design posters and merch, book shows, bring in bands to interview and perform, set up ticket giveaways and build relationships with promoters and venues, produce videos and many other things. My responsibilities there are widespread and I lead a team of two marketing assistants. The leadership and management experience I’ve gained there is invaluable.

When I’m not living at one of those two stations, I love to paint, read, go to concerts, and try new places to eat with my friends. I also write for a music magazine called Substream Music Press.

I love getting in touch with people of similar interests, or anyone who is interested in what I do! Feel free to contact me at or follow me on any of the following social media.


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