What are YOU smiling about?


After one of the very first times I spoke on air, my boss JJ gave me a piece of advice that I will never forget: always smile while you’re on-air. She explained that when you are smiling, you sound happier, brighter, and more energetic. She was 100% right and ever since then I am always beaming my best smile on-air. Of course no one but her and Chino can see it, but our 70k+ listeners can HEAR it, and that’s what’s important. But I have applied this advice to the rest of my life, and I try to smile as often as possible. I learned that if you smile more, you really feel happier.

I think that this simple idea of smiling more can be applied to any job, but especially one where you are speaking to ¬†people on a regular basis. Public relations is a field where you are always talking to people. To the public, to a board, in a meeting, in a press conference, to your boss, to your co-workers, to a client… don’t you want them to see you as a joyful person to be around? And if they see you as a happy, go-lucky person, don’t you think they will be more persuaded by your message? I know I am always far more captivated by someone who smiles so much they seem like they are just plain happy to be alive.

Don’t get me wrong here, though, I don’t think you should force it. I want you to look happy, not possessed. But getting in the habit of flashing the world genuine smiles is not that hard. All you have to do is remember all the reasons you have to smile.


If none of those reasons have convinced you to smile more, how about this…

  • Smiling is a great form of face yoga. Yep, that’s right. Face yoga. Smiling will keep your skin firmer and younger looking.

Smiling is universal. It’s a language everyone speaks. So whether you’re speaking to a crowd, your boss, your friends, or to thousands of people over the airwaves, smile big and wide and spread the happiness.


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